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Сентябрь 2019
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UA3000 - Работа
Power Design Engineer
(вакансия от 19.09.2019)
Регион: Одеса
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Описание вакансии

You have some experience in the following areas:
- DC/DC converter topologies (Flyback, LLC, Cuk)
- AC/DC drivers design for MOSFETs and IGBTs
- PSUs, Adapters, Chargers, Welding, UPSs, PFCs design
- Testing & analysis of switching power supply units
- Magnetic components (e.g. transformers, inductors) design for the converters
- Be familiar with Supercapacitors, Planar inductors and transformers, integrated circuits for power converters
- Simulation in Matlab/Simulink, LTspice or any other SW
- PCB layout, Altium or any other SW for schematic and PCB routing
- Control loop design and PWM generation

It is an advantageous if you have experience with some of the following:
- System Engineering, INCOSE or other systematic approach
- Power system/wind turbine manufacturing or Transmission System Operating (TSO)
- Power electronic converters in non-conventional power generation systems
- BLDC, Permanent Magnet or induction Motor control
- Python for Simulating & analysing power systems

As a person you are/have:
- Self driven and seeking assignments
- Motivated to continue learning.
- Customer friend personality
- The desire and the ability to understand and maintain overview of a wide range of advanced technical domains/areas
- Driven by results and can get things done while still caring about the details

We offer you a job with excellent opportunities for cross-disciplinary and personal development. Your daily work will span across several engineering disciplines and have full support from our team consisting of highly skilled engineers enabling you to provide the best solutions for the business units. In the position, you will have a broad interface to many different stakeholders in the entire organization. The work environment is result oriented, at high professional level and with a strong technical commitment.

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