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Сентябрь 2020
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UA3000 - Работа
Cloud Support Engineer
(вакансия от 25.09.2020)
Регион: Дніпро
Зарплата: по результатам собеседования
Вид занятости: 
Опыт работы: 
Описание вакансии

Our projects:
- Legacy Translation: migration of current in-house system of data processing to new technologies
- CFS Platform: multifunctional platform for corporate software complexas development using micro-service and cloud technologies and architecture
- Artificial intelligence: text document recognition and document classification based on machine learning and CFS platform

Customer: representatives of German financial branch
We offer:
- enough work for all team players
- you can make your work interesting, we promote that
- cutting-edge technologies are welcome in our team
- we will try to motivate you as much as we can if you need that
- we know, that developers love hardware, we will try to make you happy with your working place
- friendly-professional atmosphere in a team, we like to work together :)
- there is no 9−18 schedule, unless it is adequate
- you can enjoy your vacation in the same way and amount as most of your friends
- when you are sick, we are sad with that and of course compensate it as working time

Our requirements:
- Experience in build and support of private clouds solutions
- Tools&Technologies: Openstack, Virtualization Platforms
- Experience in deployment management of containerized microservices platforms
- Tools&Technologies: Kubernetes, Docker
- Experience in CI/CD implementation and support
- Tools&Technologies: Jenkins, Git
- General experience: Linux/Ubuntu expertise
- Scripting expertise
- Networking expertise
- Ability to read/understand code in modern languages
- English upper-intermediate

Will be a plus:
- Be ready for trips abroad (Munchen/Hamburg, Germany)

- manage deployments on Kubernetes;
- manage Docker Registry
- manage versioning of Containers and deployments;
- manage/support orchestration and service discover
- manage/support monitoring and logging systems for service
- manage build&deploy lifecycle for CI/CD environment
- distributed Jenkins support and configuratio
- manage automated CD proces

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